FAQ about Natsca Beach Resort

Q1-1  For whom is this remote resort? 

A1-1 This resort is designed for guests who prefer enjoying and relaxing in nature with quiet ambiance, so that this resort could not fit for young couples or tourists who seek convenient and/or bustling places near to popular beaches, shops, restaurants or commercial amenities.

Q2-1  Beach front?

A2-1 Yes, the beach is located 30 steps from the main building

Q2-2  White sand beach?

A2-2 Yes, our front beach is coral white sand beach above the sea level.
The seabed under water level is rocky and rough coral reef. The dark rocky seabed appears at low-tide along the beach.

Q2-3  Can I swim in the front sea?

A2-3 It is good for skilled swimmer due to rough coral seabed.

Q2-4  Where can I swim? I am not a skilled swimmer.

A2-4 Sand beach:
1) Saud Public Beach, 10 min. by car, entry fee PP20 per head
2) Blue Lagoon, 45 min. by car, entry fee PP20 per head
3) Nearest sandy seabed beach, 5 min. on foot from our front beach

Q2-5  Do you have swimming pool?

A2-5 No, we don't.

Q2-6  Do you have vinyl swimming pool for kids?

A2-6 Yes, we have 2 sets. Please request our staff to provide.

Q2-7  Why don't you remove rocks from the beach?

A2-7 The regulations of DENR prohibits us to damage or change of natural beach shape nor make artificial structures in the sea.

Q2-8 What is merit of coral rocky reef?

A2-8 1) The coral reef keeps enjoyable rich biodiversity e.g. various fishes, sea urchin etc..
2) It protects us from big severe waves. The shallow coral reef breaks big waves into small calm waves. You can enjoy gentle waves on the edge of the surf with your small kids.

Q3-1 Do you have a restaurant?

A3-1 No, we don't. Kindly bring your foods or materials for cooking. Or kindly order your meal in advance or upon your arrival please.

Q3-2 Can I order our meal? 

A3-2 Kindly order your meal in advance or upon your arrival please.
In off-season, we can help cooking simple meal only.
In peak season, a skilled person will stay in the Resort and help cooking.
If you request special materials such as big shrimp to help cooking, we will ask you to buy material food by yourself at the local market to avoid any troubles.

Q3-3 Where is near restaurants?

King-Fisher: 5 min. by car.
Alta Vista: 10 min. by car.
Pagudpud town proper: 15 min. by car

Q3-4 Do you have a kitchen for guests?

A3-4 Yes. the kitchen has washing water, LPG stove and utensils. It costs PP200 per stay.

Q3-5 Can I cook in the room?

A3-5 No, kindly use guest kitchen, please.

Q3-6 Can I get cold or hot drinking water?

A3-6 Yes. Water dispenser serves it to you for in-yard usage.

Q3-7 Bonfire on the beach is possible?

A3-7 No, bonfire on the beach is prohibited by Bureau of Tourism.

Q3-8 Bonfire on the yard is possible? 

A3-8 No, bonfire on the yard is prohibited due to flammable anahaw roof of the structure.

Q3-9 Do you have BBQ sets?

A3-9 Yes. 2 sets of BBQ set are available w/free of charge. Charcoal costs PP100 per set.

Q3-10 Where can I buy foods/materials for cook?

1) Pagudpud public market near the municipal office.
2) Bangui public market beside of the National Highway.

Q3-11 Can I bring liquor?

A3-11 Yes, you can bring it with free of charge from June to October. In other months, we charge PP200 for bringing liquors per night per group.

Q4-1 Address and GPS index

A4-1 Sitio Aprot, Caparispisan, Pagudpud, 2919 Ilocos Norte, Philippines
GPS: 18.615339N, 120.780436E

Q4-2 Pick-up/Guide service from Pagudpud town proper to Natsuca?

A4-2 No, No more free of charge service. Kindly ask tricycle driver to bring to Natsuca Beach Resort by your own charge. If you need guidance by phone, kindly contact 0999-999-1965, please.

Q4-3 Pick-up service from Laoag Int'l Airport to Natsuca?

A4-3 We can arrange rental van. It will cost approx. PP2,500 or more. If you use public bus from Pagudpud terminal in Laoag to Pagudpud. It will cost PP60-80.

Q4-4 Rough Access Time hours by car  and distance

M.Manila - day drive 14-16 , night drive 12-14
M. Clark - day drive 12-14 , night drive 10-12    (550 km)
San Fernando La Union - 8
Vigan - 4
Laoag - 2
Pagudpud 15-20 min.   (8.7 km along the road)
Saud 7 - 5 min.    (4.7 km along the road)

Q4-5 Route Map      

A4-5 Visit:

Q5-1 Can you arrange tourist guide?

A5-1 Yes, we can arrange a tricycle drives who is familiar as a tourist guide.

Q5-2 How much is the tourist guide

A5-2 It will cost approx. PP600 per each bound.
North bound: Kabigan Falls, Blue Lagoon, Patapat viaduct
South bound: Bangui Windmills, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation & Windmills, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Q5-3 Map of Tourist Spots

A5-3 Visit:

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