FAMILY ROOM I   good for 12 persons, tentatively for 4 persons now

Vast view of the front ocean and green leaves of coconut trees

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Current available Family Room I for 12 persons

with room rate per night as of Sep. 24 , 2020, 15:28 PHT

Additional adult is allowed only 3 pax. Additional rate is PP500 per pax per night with single mattress foam on the floor.

Year of 2020

Table for ten pax
Table for 10 persons

Sala set
Sofa set

4 double deck beds
Four double deck beds, base deck:queen size, upper deck:single size

Entrance area of the room
Entrance door, split type air-con and a mirror on the wall

Double deck bed detail view
Detail of four double deck beds

Shower and lav.
Lavatory and shower room

Option 10

Family Room (L) good for 2 - 4 persons

Other facilities and services


a:12772 t:2 y:0