Fare and Reservation

Sequence of Reservation

  1. Select room/accommodation

  2. Check Room Rate

  3. Check Vacancy

  4. Check Policy

  5. Booking(Apply contract to stay)

  6. Receive Acceptance of Reservation (contract to stay) with contract number, Estimation of total fare and Bank account number

  7. Remit Partial Payment

  8. Send Payment Information

  9. Receive receipt of partial payment of estimation fare and Hotel Voucher

  10. Check-in with the Voucher & Deposit of the remaining balance of total estimated fare

1) Options of accommodation

Guest can choose suitable accommodation from 8 options.
The number shows the option number.
Click the picture makes jump to the option page.

Option 1. Room for 2 pax with shower with hot water and air-con

Option 2. Room for 4 pax with air-con and ocean view

Option 3. Kubo (Local type wood house) for 4 pax

Option 4. Camping Tent for 3 pax

Option 5. Camping field without tent

Option 6. Sleeping space on 2F

Option 7. Function Hall on the 2nd floor (no-stay, no-overnight)

Option 8. Package 9k/7k for 24 pax

2) Fare/Room Rate

Please refer to here.

3) Current status of vacancy

For status in 3 months, please refer to here.
For status before 4 months and more or Option 7, please request from Contact SSL with encrypted for your security or contact by SMS +63-999-999-1965 or +63-915-905-2715 in English or Tagalog.

4) Policy

5) Booking

6) Receiving reply from the Resort

7) Partial Payment

8) Payment Information

9) Hotel Voucher/Confirmation