updated on Feb. 14, 2013


Reservation Policy

Deposit payment procedure

  1. Guest makes booking
  2. Natsuca Beach Resort, herein after called Resort, replies by e-mail
    confirmation of stay,
    estimation of amount of stay and
    the bank account details of Resort
  3. Guest makes a deposit payment to be 50% of estimated amount of stay into the bank account of Resort.
    Guest except Student or Senior citizen of the Philippines shall bear the banking charge for deposit.
    Guest informs the amount and date of deposit to Resort right after the deposit.
  4. Balance of payment of stay is to be paid upon check-in at the front desk.

Booking validity

Cancellation (updated on July 29, 2015: deletion of 14 days case)

Change of schedule

Operation Policy

Front desk, check-in and check-out

Room Usage

Bonfire, swimming time, videoke time, tent and others

Privacy Policy